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Researching & Discovering our American, Canadian and European Ancestors

My Ancestors Came to the Americas

MY ancestors came to Canada and the United States between 1740 and 1850. They left because of religious persecution and opportunities in the new world.


My genealogy includes the Campbell, Farnsworth, Flood, Markley (Merkle or Merklin) and Ross families.

The primary purpose of this web page is to collect information pertaining to our family and present this information so it can be freely assessed by our relatives and friends.

This is a Public website. Collaboration in genealogy is about sharing. Are you related to us? If you can contribute to our genealogy we look forward to hearing from you. Select Info at the drop menu and Contact Us.

Our genealogy is work in progress.

Solving Roadblocks

We continue to solve roadblocks in our genealogy. Our research takes us across Canada, England, Scotland and the United States.