Blogging Genealogy has been online since 1999. I initially used HTML/CSS to display and promote my genealogy. Since this type of format is susceptible to hackers I was continually fighting all sorts of hacks on the scripts I was using for a guestbook. Usually my guestbook was inoperable and had to be restored several times over the past few years. HTML is difficult to use for an interactive genealogy website.

In 2005 I started to experiment with CMS (Content Management System) software and integrated software to display my genealogy. After a period of one year I tried MKPortal, Post-Nuke, PHP-Fusion and Joomla. WOW what a change going from a static format to an interactive format. The experience has been great!
After much research work with CMS software I decided to try Joomla. Joomla did a great job to display, maintain and promote my genealogy. The integrated software I used with Joomla is TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding©).

After 7 years of using Joomla my focus started to change after enrolling in a course of study in genealogy. I am now in my 3rd and final year of study. The course of study required me to write about the many facets of genealogy. If I am writing about genealogy why not add a blog to my website. I discovered Joomla could not easily handle a blog. In addition to this deficiency the TNG Bridge for Joomla was no longer being developed. It was time to search for another program to display and promote my genealogy. After looking at several WordPress genealogy websites I decided to use WordPress. I can now blog and use TNG to display and promote my genealogy.