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1 Caroline is visiting the household of John T. Flood. Her sister is Ann is married to John T. Flood. She is listed as the sister-in-law. Her age according to the census is 32 years old. Her religion is Methodist.
Campbell, Caroline (I96)
2 Racial or Tribal Origin: Should be Métis not Cree or Indian. Ghostkeeper, Colin (I293)
3 Role: Aunt Campbell, Sarah (I85)
4 Role: Daughter Campbell, Sarah (I85)
5 Role: Daughter Campbell, Caroline (I96)
6 Role: Daughter Campbell, Laura (I188)
7 Role: Daughter Campbell, Constance (I190)
8 Role: Daughter Flood, Florence M. (I291)
9 Role: Daughter Andrews, Betsy (I310)
10 Role: Daughter Andrews, Caroline (I484)
11 Role: Daughter Winger, Bernice (I442)
12 Role: Daughter Winger, Margaret (I438)
13 Role: Father Ghostkeeper, Charles (I295)
14 Role: granddaughter Kilborn, Effie Lucretia (I390)
15 Role: Head of Household Campbell, Miles (I31)
16 Role: Head of Household Campbell, James (I171)
17 Role: Head of Household Andrews, Charles (I307)
18 Role: Head of Household Winger, Andrew (I391)
19 Role: Mother Cartier, Emma (I294)
20 Role: Mother in-law Sadler, Susie Mae (I344)
21 Role: Sister-in-law Campbell, Caroline (I96)
22 Role: Son Campbell, James Colin (I192)
23 Role: Son Flood, John F. (I384)
24 Role: Son Flood, Albert E. (I290)
25 Role: Son Winger, Harold (I440)
26 Role: Son Winger, Walter Abraham (I439)
27 Role: Spouse Farnsworth, Alma Edith (I89)
28 Role: Spouse Bell, Jane (I32)
29 Role: Spouse Neeley, William John (I256)
30 Role: Spouse Dawson, Sarah (I298)
31 Role: Spouse Wilson, Martha (I175)
32 Role: Spouse Campbell, Anne (I288)
33 Role: Spouse Hamelin, Angelique (I308)
34 Role: Spouse Hupp, Mahala (I338)
35 Role: Spouse Winger, Perley (I441)
36 Role: Visitor (Census) Jackson, Robert (I217)
37 Role: Visitor (Census) Campbell, Mary Ann (I162)
38 Role: Visitor (Census) Jackson, James (I318)
39 Role: Visitor (Census) Jackson, George (I319)
40 Role: Visitor (Census) Jackson, Archbell (I320)
41 Surname in 1881 census of Canada shows Haden which is incorrect. The surname is Hayden. Hayden, Francis (I313)